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This blog post is highly speculative. I readily admit I know very little and could be wrong.

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This blog post will most certainly evolve into a full-on article.  Because it is about some big news.  Possibly (probably?) the biggest news in my lifetime.  I am talking about what may come to be the biggest event in human history!

UFOs, or UAPs as the US government has cleverly renamed them, are for real.  As in, the government recognizes that they are real physical phenomenon, and cannot rule out that they are of extra-terrestrial origin.  On June 25th, 2021 they said so.  (Is this the real "Day the Earth Stood Still"?)  I can't believe this is not bigger news.  To me, it changes everything.  And to me -- and I was a skeptic until this revelation -- I now do believe that aliens are visiting us.  One year ago, I was not convinced.  Now, I think it is likely.

There are almost 150 UAP incidents disussed in the government report, and almost all of them cannot be explained.  So the big questions are: What are these UAPs, and where do they come from? In my mind, there are a few possibilities: 1. They are human-made; 2. They are new/unknown meteorlogical phenomenon; 3. They are alien-made.  I can't think of any other scenario.  If they are human-made, then someone knows about them, and is covering up this information.  But if you watch the videos of some of these encounters, the UFOs do things that are so many orders of magnitude beyond our known technicial capabilities, I do not think they can be man-made.  The speeds, acceleration, ability to turn on a dime, flying in and out of water, etc., are too advanced.  Also, in all instances I have seen, there is no detectable means of propulsion. (They just "go", without a heat signature of combustion behind them at all.)  We simply don't have this level of technology, nor will we in 10 years.  It is many, many years away, if ever.

If I keep a very open mind, I can imagine a world where we *do* have this tech right now, and our military and leaders are covering this up.  Where this whole "UAP thing" is a smokescreen, and "they" know full well what these UAPs are, and have determined that they can keep the tech under wraps better by pretending it is a mystery still.  But this means hundreds or thousands of people, that played a role in creating UAPs and are now using UAPs, would be in on the coverup.  And that is hard to believe in this age of information and insant communication. (And social media narcissism.   One of the people involved would be sharing *some*thing.)  It is impossible to know this, and I am just pulling this figure out of my ass, but I will give the human-made tech explanation a 10% chance of being the answer. 

So I believe this UAP stuff is not human-made, which means it is either meteorlogical phenomenon, or aliens.  I have seen firsthand some odd meteorlogical effects.  I once saw a glowing green haze seemingly rise from a river up to the clouds in a few brilliant flashes in a thunderstorm.  This was before the world wide web.  I have googled it since, and seen videos on Youtube of a similar effect, but I still don't know what it was, and the Youtube videos don't do it justice.  (Go to Youtube and enter "green lightning" to see some examples.) So I know from firsthand experience there is weird stuff out there in nature.  "Ball Lightning" is another great example of weird meteorlogical phenomenon, and this is something that is accepted to exist, but it is so rare even Youtube has no decent examples.  But in some of these UAP incidents, there seems to be intelligent interaction between the UAPs and the military that see and even investigate them.  Ball lightning doesn't "interact"; at least not intelligently.  So I will give a 5%-10% chance "meteorlogical phenomenon" (known or unknown) is the explanation for these UAP sightings.  Again, I am pulling these stats out of my ass.

So that leaves me believing there is an 80-85% chance that these UAPs are from alien origin.  And believing that this is possible, and even likely, is very cool, and very humbling.  I don't understand how this government paper, and the about-face it represents, only amounts to a blip in the media.  I mean, if aliens are here it means we are extremely vulnerable.  It would mean they have technology that is hundreds/thousands/millions (gulp: billions?) of years beyond ours.  If they are malevolent they could kill us or enslave us on a whim.  (God forbid they treat us lesser beings like we treat other species here on earth.  Remember "To Serve Man"? I just introduced my 10-year-old daughter to the original Twilight Zones a few weeks ago and that is her favorite episode so far.)  If they are benevolent then I wish they would hurry up and share some of their information and technology with us.  If they are neutral, well that is still pretty damn cool.

I am going to end this little entry with two really "out there," SCI-FI possibilites: These UAPs *are* man-made, because they are "us" from the future.  As in, it is our descendants watching us, without interfering, from some future point from which we have figured out how to travel back in time.  Or.... it *is* aliens checking us out, but not from afar, but right here on earth.  We share this space with them, but they live in a higher dimension, so ordinarily are not viewable to us.  We snatch glimpses when they come into our 3D world to get a better view of us, but they have been here the whole time, undetectable to us.  

Strange times we are living in.  But really cool times, at least as far as the possibility of extra-terrestrial life is concerened.

On an unrelated note, I have been microdosing LSD lately.  So far I think it has little to no effect. (This last bit is a joke.) :P   
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